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Mike Donohue – „PSS engineers and sales staff are professionals and capable of proposing solutions“

ClientDeck & Donohue
Delivered technologyEurotech Micro 35hl brewhouse, Fermentation tanks 40hl

Mike Donohue – „PSS engineers and sales staff are professionals and capable of proposing solutions“

My name is Mike Donohue. With Thomas Deck, I co-founded Deck & Donohue in 2014 in Montreuil, France, just outside of Paris. Following early success, we decided to launch an expansion project to grow the company. Deciding among a group of different brewery manufacturers on the world market, we selected PSS as the best solution.

We selected the EUROTECH 35 HL system with full automation as the right step from our previous 5 HL system. We purchased the system in April 2016, and the installation and commissioning were completed in September 2016. The brewhouse is easy to use, and functional, with extensive manual capability in the programming to adapt to different brewing situations.

The heated mash tun allows for the ability to do both infusion and decoction mashes. We easily achieve above 90% in brewhouse efficiency, and are able to brew 3 batches in about 15 hours. With the remote access ability, we are also able to manage the brew from our personal computer. Finally, the brewhouse comes equipped with an integrated piping and programming for CIP which allows for a complete and through cleaning.

What set apart PSS from other providers for us was their willingness to take on the entire brewery project. Where many other providers hesitated to expand the scope of their installation beyond the brewhouse and tanks, PSS, on the other hand, was eager to propose a customized, global solution that included the installation and commissioning of all auxiliary units, steam generation, compressed air, temperature control, inert gas, and water treatment. More importantly, PSS technicians were able to propose a customized distribution network for all of these elements. Not only did this global installation make sense economically, it also saved considerable time and greatly simplified the project. In short, beyond the installation of a turn-key brewery,

PSS was able to offer a turn-key installation. In the year and a half since our brewey installation, I have been impressed with the after sale service of PSS. Response time is excellent, and PSS engineers and sales staff are professionals and capable of proposing solutions. I am confident to continue to work with PSS for our future installations, as well as recommend them to my colleagues.

Mike Donohue, Co-founder, Head Brewer